Crossroads EP Split

by Nineteen / Hey Nostradamus!

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Including 3 songs from Nineteen and Hey, Nostradamus!. Hey, Nostradamus!'s side of the split can be downloaded at


released December 30, 2014

Nineteen was recorded and mixed by Chris Vogagis, and was mastered by Daniel Blake
Hey, Nostradamus! was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Daniel Blake at The Schoolhouse



all rights reserved


Nineteen Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Kickin' It With Skwid
I've got shit to do that can wait til later. I'm always wasting time on things that do not matter, so fuck the future. And fuck the present and all that it holds except for friends and family, because I feel like I'm always being pushed and pulled. But honestly, I never thought I'd be like this for me: Unable to express myself to my family. I'm sick of being grown-up. I want to be a little shit because tonight I'm saying "Fuck it, I'm kickin' it with Skwid."

And I know these times are mandatory, but lets not forget how our actions affect the story. And as we go, the plot can only thicken. But in the end we'll be weighed, measured, and crucified.

Is it any wonder why I find it hard to sleep at night with all the time I've wasted in the waking day? When I can't keep it in check, I want to tie a rope around my neck, but I promised you I'd never go that way.

I've got shit to do that can wait til later, I'm always wasting time on things that do not matter, so fuck the future. And fuck the past and everybody in this live who's let me down. From here on out, I'm shedding this dead weight. Fuck.
Track Name: That'll Be $50, Mr. Buttcheeks
You know its been such a long time since I saw you hold the weight of the world. But you got swallowed up by the ocean and I watched you disappear beneath the tides. So I put down these sticks and stones and collect the shards of this broken home. But its so hard when you're miles away from sobriety, rotting away in your apathy; lost in complete self-destruction.

How long will it take until you acknowledge these mistakes? Save face instead wasting time alone in your disgrace. I can't believe all of these things you kept from me all these years. So man the fuck up; its time to face your fears. You always said this would be temporary, but I see thru the things you say, especially when you lie straight to my face. Winter afternoons locked outside our home when you left me alone out there in the cold back then when I was only seven years old.

I know now. There's fucking nothing left of you. You had me up on your shoulders. You could have been so much more then, but no, you had to let it go.

So go and fuck up your life again. See how it feels when you've got no one left. I hope you take this to the grave: all the guilt and all the shame. You're the only one to blame, and I know that from where I stand, the weight of the pain is heavier than the bottle in your hands.

How could you let me go?
Track Name: Clever
I bet you think you're fucking clever. I bet you think you got it all figured out. You got the answers to all the pressing questions and all the right know-how. Because all you listen to is indie and you're reading all the books in English Lit. But all the prose and subtext is lost on you and on your vapid sense of wit. I bet you think you're something special. You're just a silver tongue with an obnoxious sense of entitlement.

I bet you think that there's a heaven. Well how fucking convenient for you now! You can right your wrongs and have your sins absolved just by kneeling on the ground. Maybe I'm a fucking asshole, but at least I'm always honest with myself. I don't need validation from bullshit Tumblr cowards who run their mouth. Yeah, I've always been an asshole and I'll always be an asshole, so go fuck yourself you hipster piece of shit.